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We have now started taking online orders! Koi’s Kreations was designed as an environmentally conscious small bath and beauty business. We strive to provide beautiful all natural non toxic products.  


From the moment Koi’s Kreations was inspired we have been offering customers the best choices at unbeatable prices. I personally hand-make and test each and every product batch we offer, while using recycled and/or compostable materials whenever possible. All of our ingredients are 100% natural and 100% pure including the essential oils. 
The shower steamers we offer provide an aromatherapy relaxation like no other! These steamers provide a natural relaxation with a wide variety of scents. Not only relaxation, but several of the scent blends offered provide an energizing effect, along with congestion relief! There are scents and shapes for everyone. The fun shapes such as animals, food, and flowers really make showers exciting for the little ones. 
The bath bombs we offer will provide a luxurious aromatic spa like bath at home while it floats on the surface of the water for several minutes. Unlike many other companies, we do not include the numerous toxic elements the ordinary bath bomb will normally include. These common chemicals include SLSA which is labeled as a moderate hazard linked to cancer and skin irritation. Have a stress free relaxing bath with one of the luxurious aromatherapy bath bombs we provide!
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